The products and resources shown below have been a great help in producing this guide.

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Field Work

The Olympus TG-6 tough camera is waterproof to 15m without a housing and is available in red and black. It's good value for money, and I've had great success with it, particularly with very small subjects. It comes with a range of accessories, including the FD-1 flash diffuser, which I use for almost all my macro shots to provide even, consistent lighting.

Almost all of my photos on this site were taken with the Olympus camera (with the exception of a few older GoPro images).

Note: The TG-6 has been superseded by the TG-7, which offers few new features, but is still great for underwater macro at a reasonable price. The links have been updated to point to the new model


A field guide to the marine invertebrates of South Australia by Karen Gowlett-Holmes is a must-have reference.

This guide includes an impress ive selection of the marine invertebrate species found in South Australia, with almost 900 species referenced with in-situ photos.

Karen is a recognised expert in the marine invertebrates of Southern Australia, and this guide is one of the most complete resources to be found on the subject.

Nudibranchs and related molluscs by Robert Burn is part of a series of reference books published by Museum Victoria, and written by one of the leading nudibranch taxonomists in Australia

Robert has described around 100 species of nudibranch and discovered many more. For a good deal of these species, this book represents the only source of reliable information and photographs. It also includes an illustrated identification key.