There are a great many people who have provided their expertise, either knowlingly or unknowingly, to help put this guide together. Without them, most everything featured here would have gone unidentified. I owe thanks to each of the people below, for their knowledge and willingness to help. With any luck, their contributions will be passed on, not just to me, but to everyone who makes use of this site.

Most importantly, my family deserves a lot of credit for their support, and for putting up with me spending way too much of my free time in the water. I'd also like to call out Janine Baker, marine ecologist and educator, who is an authority on SA marine life and an invaluable source of knowledge, sounding board, and patiently listens to my unscientific nonsense and ill-advised opinions.

Experts (and knowledgeable non-experts)

Photo Credits (Click for Gallery)

Anatomical diagrams have been generated by Bing Image Creator, using prompts provided by myself (the prompts don't reference any specific art style or artist). A special shoutout to anyone, anywhere who creates the content that is used to train these AI tools.