Striped Green Sea Anemone
directions_boat This is an invasive or introduced species.

Diadumene lineata

Diadumene lineata - Striped Green Sea Anemone

Size: 3.5 cm

Distribution: Few SA records. Adelaide metro

Habitat: Rocky areas under rocks

Depth: Intertidal

Diadumene lineata - Striped Green Sea Anemone

This introduced anemone is reasonably small, with a diameter of only around 3.5 cm, including tentacles. It attaches to rocks in environments that have relatively little invertebrate diversity, and reproduces quickly. It has a pale to green column with golden or orange longitudinal stripes and white tentacles. Its appearance is somewhat similar to Anthothoe albocincta, although that species has a pale column with dark stripes, and a distinctive orange oral disc.