Exquisite Sandgoby
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Favonigobius exquisitus

Favonigobius exquisitus - Exquisite Sandgoby
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Size: 7 cm

Distribution: Recorded only in northern metropolitan waters

Habitat: Sandy or silty areas, estuaries

Depth: Subtidal to 2 metres

Favonigobius exquisitus - Exquisite Sandgoby

This yellowish goby is native to the east coast of Australia and is found in very shallow sandy areas, often in estuaries and harbours. It has a mottled pattern, with scattered gold, yellow or reddish spots on its back, indistinct white bars down the length of its back, and black blotches on the midline. It is very similar to the Southern Longfin Goby (F. lateralis), but on close examination, it can be differentiated by the spots on its back.

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