Cap-Shaped False Limpet

Montfortula rugosa

Montfortula rugosa - Cap-Shaped False Limpet
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Size: 2 cm

Distribution: All SA coastal and gulf waters

Habitat: Rocky reef and coast

Depth: Lower intertidal to subtidal

Montfortula rugosa - Cap-Shaped False Limpet

This species of keyhole limpet is commonly found on rocky coasts, often out on exposed rock or in tidepools. It does not have the keyhole aperture or visible marginal slit of many of its relatives, although a short anterior slit can be seen on the underside of the shell. It has a pointed apex, curving towards the rear of the animal, and radial ridges that usually alternate between large and small. Although these ridges often have bumps, this species does not have the concentric ridges of its relative Emarginula candida, or the visible slit of that species. Despite being smaller, this species can be confused with the limpet Scutellastra peronii, but that species does not have the sharp and strongly curved apex.

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