Rough Bullseye

Pempheris klunzingeri

Pempheris klunzingeri - Rough Bullseye
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Size: 20 cm

Distribution: SA coastal and gulf waters west of the Coorong

Habitat: Rocky reef

Depth: Subtidal from 2+ metres

Pempheris klunzingeri - Rough Bullseye

This small schooling fish is usually found in large aggregations under rock overhangs. It is usually a rusty red/brown in colour, but juveniles are silver. It has a dark bar around its gills that is more prominent in juveniles. This species can be confused with others in its genus, including Parapriacanthus elongatus (especially as juveniles) and Pempheris multiradiata. However, it can be distinguished from the former by its deeper body and the presence of the dark shoulder-bar, and from the latter by its much smaller scales, and schooling habit, where P. multiradiata is usually seen as lone individuals.