Obese Ascidian

Phallusia obesa

Phallusia obesa - Obese Ascidian

Size: 30 cm

Distribution: All SA coastal and gulf waters

Habitat: Rocky reef and jetty pylons

Depth: Subtidal to 10+ metres

Phallusia obesa - Obese Ascidian
Phallusia obesa - Obese Ascidian

This large solitary ascidian is often found on jetty pylons and rock walls at a depth of around 2m or more. It has a terminal siphon that always bends to the right (when viewed facing the other siphon), and has a velvety test that is often covered in pustules. This species is usually found with yellow or white colouration, although light brown or grey individuals are also encountered. Often, but not always, it is covered in dark spots.