Smooth-Handed Crab

Pilumnopeus serratifrons

Pilumnopeus serratifrons - Smooth-Handed Crab
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Size: 3 cm

Distribution: SA gulf waters and Kangaroo Island

Habitat: Estuaries, muddy areas and rocky areas under rocks

Depth: Lower intertidal to 10+ metres

Pilumnopeus serratifrons - Smooth-Handed Crab

This pilumnid crab has a similar shape to the somewhat more common Reef Crab (Ozius truncatus), although it can be distinguished by the hairs that cover its legs and carapace. Its claws are the exception however, which are covered in either very sparse hair, or none at all, a characteristic that seperates it from other pilumnid crabs found in SA. It is usually a greenish brown in colour, with pale mottling and brown claws, although its appearance can vary. This species is one of the easier pilumnid crab species to identify, although this group is generally difficult and often misidentified.