European Fan Worm
pest_control block This is a noxious species and must not be returned to the water if caught. Click for details.

Sabella spallanzanii

Sabella spallanzanii - European Fan Worm

Size: 20 cm tube length

Distribution: Well established in SA from Port Lincoln to the Coorong, and Kangaroo Island

Habitat: Rock wall, jetty pylons, wharves and soft sediment

Depth: Subtidal to 10+ metres

Sabella spallanzanii - European Fan Worm

This introduced tube worm is a common sight on wharves and jetty pylons, particularly in shipping areas. Its leathery tube is long and straight, although it is often encrusted with other fouling organisms, and its large bushy crown comes in a variety of colours, mostly whites, yellows and reds. It shares similarities with several native tube worm species, particularly those of the genus Sabellastarte, and can be difficult to distinguish. In fact, the easiest way to identify this species is by the presence of other sessile pest species.

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