Sarsia minima

Sarsia minima

Size: 1 cm

Distribution: Few SA records. Gulf St. Vincent

Habitat: Tidepools

Depth: Lower intertidal

This tiny hydroid species is rarely recorded due to its small size and tendency to be found in and amongst other hydroids and algae in its post-settlement stage. polyps are found about 2 to 3 to a branched stem, which arises from the hydrorhiza. The polyps are comparitavely long, with a small number of tentacles with spherical tips, about 8-12 per polyp. While this and many other hydroids require experience or expert knowledge to identify, this species is most similar to Sarsia radiata, which differs by having more tentacles per polyp, which are more regularly-arranged, in 6-8 levels of 4 co-planar tentacles. The free-swimming medusa phase is reportedly about 1mm in size, but has possibly never been photographed.