Dendrilla sp.

Dendrilla sp.
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Size: 30 cm

Distribution: SA coastal and gulf waters east of Port Lincoln

Habitat: Rocky reefs, jetty pylons and rocky areas under rocks

Depth: Lower intertidal to 10+ metres

Dendrilla sp.

Previously called Aplysilla rosea, due to its similarity to the Atlantic species of the same name, this encrusting sponge can be found on or under rocks, as well as on jetty pylons. It is bright pink or occasionally yellow in colour, and has a spiky appearance. It is similar in appearance to other sponges in its genus, but is distinguished by its large osculae. A recent study has concluded that the genus Aplysilla is not found in Australia, and that this sponge is actually a member of the genus Dendrilla. However, it is yet to be given a recognised name, as there is an existing sponge called Dendrilla rosea.