Banded Sweep

Scorpis georgiana

Scorpis georgiana - Banded Sweep
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Size: 33 cm

Distribution: SA coastal and gulf waters west of the Coorong

Habitat: Rocky areas and reef

Depth: Subtidal to 10+ metres

Scorpis georgiana - Banded Sweep

The Banded Sweep is a silvery, flattened fish with two prominent dark bars on its body, and a forked tail. It is less common than the Sea Sweep (Scorpis aequipinnis), and when it is encountered, it is usually alone or in pairs. It is similar in appearance to S. aequipinnis, but can be distinguished by the dark bars, almost black in this species, the dark bar on its operculum, and by the more pronounced "hooks" on its dorsal and anal fins.