Silver Sweep

Scorpis lineolata

Scorpis lineolata - Silver Sweep
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Size: 30 cm

Distribution: SA continental waters, mostly in southeastern SA, with a few records from Adelaide metro waters (Port Noarlunga Jetty)

Habitat: Rocky areas and reef

Depth: Subtidal to 10+ metres

Scorpis lineolata - Silver Sweep

This sweep is uncommon in SA waters, with most records being taken from the South East of the state. However, it has recently been observed at Port Noarlunga jetty and may be present at other locations in the gulfs. It is similar in appearance to the common Sea Sweep (Scorpis aequipinnis), but differs by its uniform silver colouration, without even a hint of the darker vertical bars of S. aequipinnis, the dark top and bottom margins of its tail, the large dark spot at the base of the pectoral fin, and its shorter anal and dorsal fins.