Thorunna cf. florens

Thorunna cf. florens
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Size: 12 mm

Distribution: Gulf St. Vincent, based on very few SA records

Habitat: Rocky reef and coast

Depth: Lower intertidal to subtidal

Thorunna cf. florens

Currently accepted as the widely-distributed tropical species Thorunna florens, it is likely that this nudibranch is a distinct species. White in colour, with red-tipped rhinophores and gills, this nudibranch has a border of purple spots around the edge of its mantle and sparse reddish-orange spots on its back. It has a orange patch on the front edgre of its mantle, which is distinctive to Thorunna. It is similar to some other species, such as Chromodoris ambigua and Ceratosoma amoenum, but the red gills and rhinophores, as well as the sparse spot pattern help to distinguish it.