Diodon nicthemerus

Diodon nicthemerus - Globefish (Family Diotontidae)
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Size: 30 cm

Distribution: All SA continental waters

Habitat: Rocky reef

Depth: Subtidal to 10+ metres

Diodon nicthemerus - Globefish (Family Diotontidae)

One of the only porcupine fish species found in SA, and the most common, the Globefish gets its name by its mostly round body shape, even when it is not inflated. It has large, yellow-rimmed eyes and yellow spines, while it is white underneath and a blotchy gold to black colour on top. This shy, but relatively slow moving animal can be distinguished from members of the puffer family by its visible spines, but as a true porcupinefish, these are flattened against its body when the fish is deflated, which helps to separate it from the Australian burrfish (Allomycterus pilatus).