Gunn's Leatherjacket

Eubalichthys gunnii

Eubalichthys gunnii - Gunn's Leatherjacket
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Size: 60 cm

Distribution: SA coastal and gulf waters east of Ceduna

Habitat: Rocky reef

Depth: Subtidal from 4 to 10+ metres

This leatherjacket species is usually found in the lower limits of snorkeling depth. It is variable in colour, usually yellows, browns or orange, and has a reticulated pattern, although this can sometimes be very faded. When the reticulated pattern is visible, this species is highly distinctive, but faded individuals can be confused with E. cyanoura or female Acanthaluteres brownii. It can be distinguished from the former by its lighter overall colouration, and from the latter by its dark tail fin.