Painted Stinkfish

Eocallionymus papilio

Eocallionymus papilio - Painted Stinkfish (Family Callionymidae)
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Size: 13 cm

Distribution: All SA coastal and gulf waters

Habitat: Sandy, shelly and muddy bottoms

Depth: Subtidal from 3 to 10+ metres

The unfortunately named Painted Stinkfish is a benthic species, where it often occurs on sandy substrate near rocky rubble or the reef edge. There is a great deal of variation in its colour and pattern, but the species is mostly covered in blue-ringed spots or blotches and in colours from white, to brown, maroon and pink. This species has a distinctive triangular head, with vertically protruding eyes and a sharp snout. This helps to distinguish it from other small benthic fishes. One of a number of stinkfish or dragonet species (Family Callionymidae) occuring in SA, this is the most commonly encountered, but requires expert examination to distinguish from the others.

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