Greenlip Abalone

Haliotis laevigata

Haliotis laevigata - Greenlip Abalone
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Size: 23 cm

Distribution: All SA continental waters

Habitat: Rocky reef, seagrass beds and sandy areas

Depth: Subtidal to 10+ metres

Haliotis laevigata - Greenlip Abalone
Haliotis laevigata - Greenlip Abalone

The Greenlip Abalone is one of the two South Australian species that grows to the legal size of 13 cm (the other is the Blacklip Abalone - Haliotis rubra), and is an important commercial species, particularly for the export market. This species is named for its green foot and tentacles which are seen under the shell. The shell itself is much smoother than other southern species, while the holes in the shell are usually smaller. It can be easily distinguished from other abalone by its smooth shell.

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