Bristled Sponge Crab

Austrodromidia octodentata

Austrodromidia octodentata - Bristled Sponge Crab
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Size: 8 cm

Distribution: All SA continental waters

Habitat: Rocky reef

Depth: Subtidal to 10+ metres

Austrodromidia octodentata - Bristled Sponge Crab

This relatively large sponge crab is reddish brown and globular, with small bristles on its carapace and legs. It has vivid orange eye stalks and a pointed triangular rostrum. It is usually found with a specially-shaped sponge or colonial ascidian on its back, which like all sponge crabs, it holds onto with hooks on its modified rear legs. Its large size, bristled dark body and orange eye stalks distinguishes it from other similar species.