Red-necked Stint

Calidris ruficollis

Calidris ruficollis - Red-necked Stint
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Size: 17 cm length, 35 cm wingspan

Distribution: State-wide

Habitat: Coastlines and inland bodes of water

Depth: N/A

Calidris ruficollis - Red-necked Stint
Calidris ruficollis - Red-necked Stint

A migratory wading bird, the Red-necked Stint is most commonly found in Australia between August and March, after a journey of thousands of kilometres from the northern hemisphere. Small in size, this species has brown upper feathers, with a white underside. The brown feathers are white-rimmed, giving it a mottled appearance. In its breeding colouration, this species can also be recognised by the salmon-pink plumage on its head and neck. Similar to the Red-capped Plover (Charadrius ruficapillus), it can be distinguished by its slightly larger size, longer beak and darker plumage.