Krefft's Frillgoby

Bathygobius krefftii

Bathygobius kreffti - Krefft's Frillgoby
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Size: 9 cm

Distribution: All SA coastal and gulf waters

Habitat: Rocky reef, tidepools, estuaries

Depth: Lower intertidal to 10 metres

Bathygobius kreffti - Krefft's Frillgoby
Bathygobius kreffti - Krefft's Frillgoby

This small, shallow-water fish is associated with rocky seabeds, and grows to around 10cm. It is recognisable by its rounded head and dark patches or bands, which can be variable. Although gobies are generally difficult to tell apart, it is particularly similar to Afurcagobius tamarensis, from which it can be distinguished by its darker overall colouration and larger bands/patches. Although it can be found in brackish environments, it is also much less tolerant of freshwater than A. tamarensis.