Compton's Cowry

Notocypraea comptoni

Notocypraea comptoni - Compton's Cowry
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Size: 3 cm

Distribution: All SA coastal and gulf waters

Habitat: Under rocks on rocky reef or coast

Depth: Lower intertidal to 10+ metres

Notocypraea comptoni - Compton's Cowry
Notocypraea comptoni - Compton's Cowry

This cowry is one of several very similar species in its genus, only distinguishable by subtle variations. It is found on rocky reefs, its pale orange shell usually at least partially covered by its pale to bright orange mantle. its distinguishing feature is its two darker bands on the shell, which contrasts with the lightly-bands of N. piperita, the uniform brown shell of N. angustata and the dark blotches on the shell of N. declivis.