Caenogastropod Snails

The Caenogastropod subclass of snails are among the most evolutionarily advanced and successful of the Gastropods. This diverse group includes the relatively well-known murex, cowry and periwinkle snails.

Whelks (Family Buccinidae)

Slipper Limpets (Family Calyptraeidae)

Cerith Snails (Superfamily Cerithioidea)

Superfamily Cingulopsoidea

Dove Snails (Family Columbellidae)

Cone Snails (Superfamily Conoidea)

Cowries (Family Cypraeidae)

Wentletraps (Family Epitoniidae)

Family Eulimidae

Spindle Snails (Family Fasciolariidae)

Hoof Snails (Family Hipponicidae)

Periwinkles (Family Littorinidae)

Mitres (Family Mitridae)

Murex Snails and Allies (Family Muricoidea)

Dog Whelks (Family Nassariidae)

Moon Snails (Family Naticidae)

Family Plesiotrochidae

Rissoids (Superfamily Rissooidea)

Family Tateidae

Tun Shells and Allies (Superfamily Tonnoidea)

Triphoroid Snails (Superfamily Triphoroidea)

Turbinelloid Snails (Superfamily Turbinelloidea)

Family Velutinidae

Worm Snails (Family Vermetidae)

Volutes (Family Volutidae)