Austrolittorina unifasciata

Austrolittorina unifasciata - Periwinkle
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Size: 1 cm

Distribution: All SA coasts

Habitat: Rocky areas

Depth: Upper intertidal and splash zone

Austrolittorina unifasciata - Periwinkle
Austrolittorina unifasciata - Periwinkle
Austrolittorina unifasciata - Periwinkle

This is one of the most common marine gastropods in Australia, and is present in large numbers on exposed rocky coasts in the upper intertidal and splash zones. It is relatively small, and has primarily blue-grey to white colouration. The protoconch is often tinged reddish brown, as is the internal shell lip. The blue colouration can be fairly uniform, or occur as a thick spiral band on an otherwise white shell. Thin reddish bands may also occur, either alongside this blue banding, or alone on a uniform white shell. This species is similar to, and shares habitat with Afrolittorina praetermissa, but can be distinguished by its smooth surface and unbroken banding, while A. praetermissa has zigzag or checkered banding and somewhat rougher texture.

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