The definition of marine birds (Class Aves) is not as cut-and-dried as for their mammalian counterparts. This list includes those birds who are commonly associated with and found in the marine environment, and/or are not usually encountered far from a coast or waterway. Categories include the penguins, cormorants, gulls and other shorebirds (Order Charadriiformes), and the pelicans.

Eagles, Hawks, Ospreys and Allies (Order Accipitriformes)

Waterfowl (Order Anseriformes)

Shorebirds and Allies (Order Charadriiformes)

Herons, Ibises, Storks and Allies (Order Ciconiiformes)

Pelicans (Order Pelecaniformes)

Cormorants and Allies (Order Suliformes)